What is the new publishing business model?

  • How do we monetize content in the era of free: connecting content creators with funding
  • Native advertising: making it authentic & objective, giving value to the brand and editorial integrity to writer
  • Is the journalist destined to be the eternal freelancer; what is the new model for funding content-creators?
  • How do you balance resources between digital editions, print, video, social media and other platforms?
  • Are brands the new media? Do you trust their stories?


How to build engaged audiences and communities

  • Evolution of media to the 2010’s: how does media make you feel? What is your urban tribe?
  • Media as an engine for social progress:changing mindsets, empowerment, building transnational communities
  • How should editors engage their audiences on social media and comment sections
  • How do build organic communities in the era of likes, tweets, instant gratification and churning audiences
  • What can new media projects learn from the startup culture which thrives on a no-borders culture


Pitch Your Media Startup Project

  • Media entrepreneurs pitch in 3 minutes their projects to match with potential partners and seek funding

Day 2


Reaching International Audiences from the Region

  • Is there a case for international syndication of local lifestyle, entrepreneurship, design and editorial pieces
  • Hollywood productions in the Mediterranean; when does it work and when it does not
  • Is there a case for an English speaking 24-hr international media outlet from the Mediterranean
  • How can we collaborate through media in the East Med to ‘connects the dots of innovation’ in the region and project our perspectives internationally and influence existing international media to put forward local perspectives?
  • Hearing the stories of migration, social crisis, economic flux from the content-creators of the region versus the mass media stories of big corporate media outlets


Social Responsibility in Media & Activism

  • Opening of communications and media channels between Athens – Istanbul – Beirut – Cairo; we are so close geographically and culturally, yet why do cultural stereotypes and silos still remain
  • Social activism, mapping it, visualizing it and offline vs online activism and communities
  • Funding investigative journalism
  • Media regulatory bodies in the East Med/EU and protecting media and intellectual creative property
  • Creating positive stories and platforms on entrepreneurship, youth,education, lifestyle, travel for international audiences

Progressive cosmopolitan associations in East-Med